Our CMR Programs assist owners directly or those within the aircraft's support network.

If managing and reducing your aviation costs efficiently and accurately is important to you, or your clients demand trust and transparency – we’re here to help.

»  Owners (Private/Corporate/Fractional)

»  Operators (Fleet/Independent)

»  Aircraft Managers

»  Advisory Firms (Law/Accounting/Other)

»  Family Offices


Private / Corporate / Fractional

If you, your operator or manager are not utilizing an unbiased CMR Program to thoroughly interrogate and reduce your costs, how can you be sure you are spending only what you need?


Enforce accurate invoicing and efficient operations with little input from your team by having a Wolf Industries Pacific CMR Program act as your cost management watchdog.


Your dedicated CMR Program manager can communicate directly with you as the owner or a delegated member of your team to inform, verify and optimize all costs incurred for your aircraft.

Your fiduciary responsibilities transcend the operation and management of your clients or stakeholder’s aircraft. Accurate and detailed cost management is of equal importance.


By enrolling in our CMR Program, your owners’ expenses are independently validated and optimized, as and when they occur. leaving your clients with no doubt that they are only spending what they need to.


Seamless integration of our service guarantees absolute integrity and accuracy at all times, allowing you to focus on your core business.


Managers / Fleet / Independent


Lawyer / Accountant / Consultant

Managing client assets and finances requires educated insight and experience in the various industry sectors which the expenses are incurred.

By enrolling in a Wolf Industries Pacific CMR Program, we remove your requirement to upskill whilst increasing your capabilities. Saving you time and ensuring informed and qualified oversight is carried out.


Reduce your input and add value to your clients by enrolling in a CMR Program to continuously validate and optimize all aviation costs.

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