For a fixed annual fee, no matter the hours you fly, Wolf Industries Pacific seamlessly integrate our CMR Program within your organization to allocate, track, analyze and optimize your business aviation expenses, as and when they occur.


CMR Programs also analyze historical operating costs to ensure accurate data trending and sound future decision making.


Beyond ongoing cost optimization, we also provide simple and easy to interpret reports that offer an educated insight into your spending, whilst highlighting inaccuracies and identifying where and how savings are being realized.


Supporting owners and operators worldwide, our CMR Programs can be 100% anonymous or integrated within your current supplier relationships.


  • An integrated support system that increases the financial performance and efficiency of your aviation assets

  • A personable and dedicated single point of contact

  • Unbiased, qualified advisory CMR Programs to private, corporate and fleet owners / operators

  • Clarity and surety on all aviation spending

  • Confidential, discreet and professional oversight at all times

  • Region specific intelligence on all billable aviation services

  • Accurate, measurable results based off valid and relevant data


  • Aircraft management or operator services, nor do we intend to replace yours

  • Degradation in operational safety due our strict cost management

  • Unnecessary disruptions to your current supplier relationships

  • A myriad of services. Our core business is business aviation cost management and reduction

  • One size fits all solutions. Every individual client is supported with their exact needs tailored to

  • Lose sight of the overall objective. Reducing costs should not impede on staff moral or dispatch reliability

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