Are you managing & reducing your Business Aviation expenses with a CMR Program?

Having evolved from a multi-faceted aerospace company offering asset solution, operations and consulting services to the global community, Wolf Industries Pacific’s focus now lies in the delivery of Business Aviation CMR (Cost Management & Reduction) Programs.


Our CMR Programs support owners by enforcing accurate and efficient  operation of their aircraft at all times. . .


A CMR Program is a Cost Management & Reduction system that seamlessly integrates within a business jet owners support network to optimize aircraft management performance and reduce the costs involved with ownership and operation.

Ensuring honest supplier relationships and accurate invoicing,  reducing time spent managing your aviation costs and arming yourself with accurate and informed data are some of the additional benefits beyond the guaranteed cost savings a CMR Program provides.


For a fixed annual fee, no matter the hours you fly, Wolf Industries Pacific seamlessly integrate our CMR Program within your organization to allocate, track, analyze and optimize your costs, as and when they occur.


We provide simple and easy to interpret reports that offer an educated insight into your spending, whilst highlighting inaccuracies and identifying where and how savings are being realized. . . 



Private / Corporate / Fractional

If you, your operator or manager are not utilizing an unbiased CMR Program to thoroughly interrogate your costs, how can you be sure you are spending only what you need?


Managers / Fleet / Independent

Your fiduciary responsibilities transcend the operation and management of your clients or stakeholders aircraft. Accurate and detailed cost management is of equal importance . . .


Lawyer / Accountant / Consultant

Managing client assets and finances requires educated insight and experience in the various industry sectors which the expenses are incurred . . . 

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